Preemptible Virtual Machines

GCP Preemptible Virtual Machines allows user to run a VM instance at a much lower price when compared to normal VM instances.

Compute Engine might stop (preempt) these instances if it requires access to those resources for other tasks. Preemptible instances will always stop after 24 hours.

When do I use Preemptible Virtual Machines?

A Preemptible VM works best for applications or systems that distribute processes across multiple instances in a cluster. While a shutdown would be disruptive for common enterprise applications, such as databases, it’s hardly noticeable in distributed systems that run across clusters of machines and are designed to tolerate failures.

How do I use Preemptible Virtual Machines?

To enable a machine to be backed by Preemptible Virtual Machine, add preemptible option to GCPMachineTemplate and set it to True.

kind: GCPMachineTemplate
  name: capg-md-0
  region: us-west-1
      diskSizeGB: 30
        storageAccountType: STANDARD
      osType: Linux
    vmSize: E2
    preemptible: true