GKE Support in the GCP Provider

  • Feature status: Experimental
  • Feature gate (required): GKE=true


The GCP provider supports creating GKE based cluster. Currently the following features are supported:

  • Provisioning/managing a GCP GKE Cluster
  • Upgrading the Kubernetes version of the GKE Cluster
  • Creating a managed node pool and attaching it to the GKE cluster

The implementation introduces the following CRD kinds:

  • GCPManagedCluster - presents the properties needed to provision and manage the general GCP operating infrastructure for the cluster (i.e project, networking, iam)
  • GCPManagedControlPlane - specifies the GKE Cluster in GCP and used by the Cluster API GCP Managed Control plane
  • GCPManagedMachinePool - defines the managed node pool for the cluster

And a new template is available in the templates folder for creating a managed workload cluster.